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About Nusa: Bringing the taste of Indonesia to you.

We started Nusa Coffee because we want to share good coffee: its stories, traceability, and Indonesian coffee's unique flavours and aroma. Good coffee clears your mind, and more importantly gives you a sense of satisfaction. We serve good coffee, and you experience it. Simple and enjoyable.

Sustainability is another reason for us to exist. With the concept from farm to cup, we connect the dots between growers and consumers. We aim to give both sides a better understanding about the sourcing as well as consumer particular preferences in experiencing their coffee journey. We do this through direct trade with farmers/growers, and by opening Nusa Cafe in January 2017 to serve directly to consumers.

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What’s in a name?

We are a Canadian importer of premium coffee beans from Indonesia. Offering up distinct tastes from the Indonesian archipelago's biologically diverse islands, Nusa gives coffee lovers a taste of regional flavour palates. Derived from the word Nusantara — Bahasa Indonesia for archipelago or “collection of islands”— Nusa’s philosophy carries the same sentiment: each island carries its own cultural flavour but contributes to a universal palate.