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How Fine Should I Grind My Coffee Beans?

By :Liza Wajong 0 comments
How Fine Should I Grind My Coffee Beans?

Knowing how fine to grind your coffee beans will ensure an excellent and freshly brewed cup of coffee every time. And a good cup of coffee is one of the very few delightful pleasures in life.

Coffee beans can result in different flavours depending on the grinding methods, the grind size, and the brewing process. And the recommended grind size of your coffee beans depends upon your brewing method.

So, how fine should you grind your coffee beans? As the brewing time increases, the grind size should increase. Therefore, if you prefer a cold brew which brews for 12 to 18 hours, you need an extra coarse grind. And for an espresso with a brewing time of 30 to 40 seconds, you should use finely ground coffee beans.

The below table details how fine to grind coffee beans for your preferred brewing method. It also provides you with more information regarding the look and feel of the grind.


Coffee bean Grind Size

Feel of the Grind

Look of the Grind

Brewing Method

  • Extra-Fine Grind

Powdery and Light

Icing sugar


  • Fine Grind

Soft and sticky

Fine Granulated sugar

Espresso Machine

  • Medium-Fine Grind

Gritty and rough


Aeropress, Moka Pot

  • Medium Grind


Soil or peat moss

Vacuum Pot (Siphon), Pour Over

  • Medium-Coarse Grind

Small and prickly

Beach sand

Soft Brew

  • Coarse Grind

Harsh and rough

Coarse sea salt

French Press, Cowboy

  • Extra-Coarse Grind

Large and bristly

Rock salt or peppercorns

Cold Brew


Why Does the Coffee Bean Grind Size Matter?

The grind size of your coffee bean is crucial when brewing a fresh cup of coffee. The grind size determines whether you’ll be enjoying a cup of heaven or a mug of muck.

The size of the ground is one of the primary factors affecting the taste of the coffee. It is the reason the same coffee type of bean tastes different each time you brew. Determining how fine to grind coffee beans depends on which brewing method you’re inclined to use.

The brewing methods such as AeroPress have a brewing time of less than 40 seconds and require a much finer grind. However, when you brew your coffee for several minutes or hours, you should use a coarsely ground coffee bean.

If your ground coffee beans are too coarse in size and brewed just for 3 to 5 minutes, your coffee may have a sour, acidic taste. On the other hand, if your beans are powdered and brewed for more than 3 minutes, your coffee will taste bitter and hollow.

Knowing your brewing time and how fine to grind coffee beans is extremely important for making the perfect cup of coffee.


How Fine to Grind Coffee Beans

Sometimes getting the perfect grind size can be challenging. Therefore, we have prepared the following coffee grind size guide for a range of brewing methods to help you. This guide should provide you with all the information you need on how fine to grind coffee beans.
  1. Turkish Coffee
  2. Espresso Machine
  3. AeroPress
  4. Moka Pot
  5. Vacuum Pot
  6. Pour-over
  7. Soft Brew
  8. French Press
  9. Cowboy
  10. Cold Brew


1. Turkish Coffee

The Turkish coffee brewing method needs an extra-fine grind on your coffee beans.

A Turkish coffee brews for approximately 3 to 4 minutes and requires the finest grind you can possibly get. When you pour your coffee into the cup, the grounds sink to the bottom, leaving a rich, roasted flavour to your coffee.

It can be a little challenging to grind beans for Turkish coffee with an automatic grinder. However, a manual coffee grinder might help when exploring how fine to grind coffee beans. But it would require a little effort and time.

Turkish coffee is often paired with sweet treats or desserts. For a rich, sweet, and nutty flavour, try dark roasted Luwak coffee beans for your next Turkish coffee experience.

Sumatra Gayo - Nusa Coffee


2. Espresso Machine

Your espresso machine would need a fine grind on your coffee beans for the perfect coffee fix.

An espresso machine brews your coffee just for 30-40 seconds. A finer ground allows all the wonderful flavours of your coffee bean to merge quickly with the hot water.

However, if your coffee beans are too finely ground, the water won’t pass through them. Brewing the perfect coffee in an espresso machine may, therefore, involve a little trial and error.

You can try different batches of coffee to figure out the perfect size for your espresso machine. If your coffee is too watery after brewing, you’ll need an extra-fine grind on your beans.

On the other hand, if your coffee is too concentrated and takes a few minutes to brew, you should try a slightly coarser grind. But once you’re aware of how fine to grind coffee beans, you’ll be well on your way.

An excellent medium to dark roast espresso blend will produce magnificent full-bodied flavours.

Nusa House Blend - Nusa Coffee


3. AeroPress

A medium-fine grind on your beans would work best when using an AeroPress to brew your coffee.

Brewing your coffee with an AeroPress requires a little skill and patience. When using medium-fine grind coffee beans, you’ll brew a rich-tasting cup of coffee within 2.5 minutes.

You can also experiment with different grind sizes to determine which works best for you. This manual coffeemaker has thick filter paper, allowing you to brew with a slightly courser grind.

The grind on your coffee beans would affect the flavour and the pressure you need to plunge your coffee. The finer the coffee beans, the more force you will have to apply. You’ll need to test different batches to figure out how fine to grind the coffee beans.

You can easily grind your beans with an automatic coffee grinder. Try a good quality medium-dark roast Sumatra Gayo bean for a smooth, earthy flavour.


4. Moka Pot

The Moka Pot would work best with the medium-fine grind on your coffee beans.

Also known as the stovetop brewing method, the Moka Pot is a traditional European brewing practice for a rich-tasting cup of coffee. It has a robust and rich flavour with the perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness.

It should take about 5 minutes to brew your coffee in the Moka pot. The finely ground coffee beans would allow the water to extract all its wonderful flavours.
However, there are different manufacturers of Moka pots, and you would need to experiment a little before you know exactly how fine to grind your coffee beans.

We like the smooth and fruity flavours of a Kerinci Honey blend coffee bean when brewing with a Moka Pot.

If you feel that your coffee is a little bitter, you can try using a slightly coarser grind on your beans.


5. Vacuum Pot

When brewing with a vacuum pot, you would need a medium ground coffee for the best results.

This unique, sci-fi-looking brewing method does require a little practice to master. With patience and dedication, you could soon be brewing the best cup of coffee you’ve ever laid your lips on.

Your coffee beans will have to be somewhat crumbly in texture. But the vacuum pot brewing method produces a smooth, crisp, clean, and decadent flavoured caffeine delight.

A grinder like the OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee grinder makes it easy to get the perfect medium grind on your beans. Try a fruity, woody medium roast, like Organic Flores Bajawa, for your next vacuum pot brew.


Flores Bajawa - Nusa Coffee

6. Pour-over

A medium grind on your coffee beans will have you savouring every sip of your crisp pour-over coffee brew.

There are different pour-over brewing methods, each resulting in a different, yet clean, taste. The size of the grind on your beans might have a minimal variance for each technique. But it is always recommended to start with a medium grind.
If your coffee tastes a little sour, then probably you have under-brewed your coffee beans. In this case, you should try a finer grind on your beans. However, if it is bitter, then you can try a coarser grind.

We recommend trying a full-bodied, Rinjani Lombok coffee bean when using the pour-over method.

Rinjani Lombok - Nusa Coffee

With the pour-over coffee brewing method, your taste preference and brewing time are essential in the result. It’s always advisable to try out slightly different grinds to discover your perfect cup of coffee.


7. Soft Brew

The ideal soft brewed coffee calls for a medium-coarse grind on your coffee beans.

This gentle brewing method does not need either sugar or milk to balance its flavour. This allows you to enjoy the natural flavours of your coffee beans.

When you’re soft brewing your coffee, it’s best to choose a single-origin coffee to fully experience all its flavour profiles. A premium medium roast Java Arabica coffee bean from Indonesia will offer a superb taste sensation.

A good grinder, such as the Baratza Encore, will give you a consistent and uniform grind on your coffee beans. It is one of the best grinders to get medium-coarse or coarse ground. And is super handy when you understand how fine to grind coffee beans for a soft brew.


8. French Press

A coarse grind to your coffee beans would give you a rich flavour when using a French Press for that special cup of coffee.

A French Press is possibly the most popular coffee brewing method around the world. It’s less of a hassle, easy to clean, and makes a satisfying cup of coffee.
We recommend the specialty medium roast Sulawesi Tana Toraja coffee for deliciously smooth coffee using this brewing method.

Your coffee beans would be saturated in the water while brewing. Thus, a coarse grind will ensure that you don’t oversaturate your coffee.

Additionally, a coarse grind to your coffee beans would be much easier to plunge and filter, leaving a clean cup of delicious coffee.

However, there are a few French Press machines that come with an additional paper filter. If you are using one of them, you can try a medium grind to see if it works for you.


9. Cowboy

The cowboy brewing method is one of the oldest practices to prepare a perfect cup of coffee. And having first-hand knowledge about how fine to grind your coffee beans will make cowboy brewing that much easier.

You would need a coarse grind on your coffee beans for this brewing method.
The cowboy method of brewing coffee is one of the simplest methods. You can even brew your favourite coffee while camping. All you need is a large pot and fire. Cowboy brewed coffee tends to have a bold and flavorful taste to it.

Try a specialty Sumatra Arabica coffee bean next time you get your cowboy brewing kit out. You won’t be disappointed.

Sumatra Gayo - Nusa Coffee

This large coffee pot does not have any filter. Therefore, it’s easier for the coarsely ground coffee beans to settle in the pot while pouring your coffee.


10. Cold Brew

An extra coarse grind on your coffee beans would be perfect for a soothing cup of cold brew coffee.

Most people prefer steeping their cold brew coffee for about 16 hours to get the perfect flavour and caffeine balance. You can easily brew extra coarse coffee beans for hours without over extracting them.

A premium Indonesia coffee bean, such as the Papua Arabica, may just be the ideal choice for an enjoyable cold-brewed coffee. And, when you know exactly how fine to grind your coffee beans, it will taste like heaven in a cup.

We recommend using a manual grinder to grind your beans for a cold brew. It helps control the size of the ground during the griding process. For instance, a JavaPress Manual Coffee Burr grinder has over 18 settings. And this includes a particular cold brew grinding setting.

If you prefer to brew for just 12 to 13 hours, you can opt for the less coarse ground, which is the consistency of sea salt. However, this comes with the risk of over-extract your coffee beans, producing a bitter and unpleasant coffee.



Your perfect cup of coffee depends upon a variety of factors. Knowing how fine to grind your coffee beans is your first step. Brewing coffee is an art, which most people cherish.

You may not get the perfect tasting brew on your first attempt. But perhaps you're persistent and don't mind a little trial and error. In that case, you’ll soon be brewing a deliciously flavourful cup of coffee.

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