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The Best Indonesian Coffee Beans

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The Best Indonesian Coffee Beans

Finding the best Indonesian coffee beans doesn’t have to be a struggle. In fact, Indonesia is the fourth-largest producer of coffee beans in the world.

The country is situated near the equator and comprises plenty of mountainous regions. This makes it one of the best areas for the growth and production of coffee.

Indonesian coffee beans are some of the best beans in the world. And the country produces highly sought-after Arabica, Sumatran, and Robusta beans. However, they are also known for their Sulawesi Toraja, Bali, Flores Bajawa, and Papua New Guinea coffee beans. Each of these beans delivers a different flavour experience enjoyed by coffee-lovers globally.

Indonesia has been producing and exporting delicious, premium-quality coffee beans for centuries. The country is home to several islands that grow different types of coffee beans.

What are the Best Indonesian Coffee Beans?

We have compiled a list of the best Indonesian Coffee beans, so you know which coffee beans would suit your taste palate.

1. Arabica Coffee Beans

The Arabica coffee beans are one of the best and highest quality beans you can find worldwide. Indonesia is one of the largest producers of Arabica coffee beans.

These coffee beans are grown at high elevations, at least 1900 feet above sea level. The highlands and mountainous regions of Indonesia are perfect for cultivating Arabica coffee beans.

Java Island in Indonesia is the leading producer of Indonesian Arabica coffee beans. This volcano-dotted island produces one of the best coffee beans across Indonesia. These beans are grown in large estates built hundreds of years ago.

As one of the best Indonesian coffee beans, they have a strong flavour and low acidity. The bean holds slight hints of chocolate and caramel, balanced by the slight bitterness of the bean.

Arabica coffee beans have a fruity and earthy aroma. Cold brewing your Arabica beans brings out the rich, heavy, and complex flavours of the bean.

2. Sumatran Coffee Beans

Sumatran coffee beans are one of the world's top specialty coffees. These coffee beans are grown on the Sumatra Island of Western Indonesia. They are produced at an elevation of 2500 feet or more above sea level.

Sumatran coffee beans have a little unique and different flavour than your regular beans. The wet-hulling processing method used by the tribe gives the beans their characteristic blue-green colour. They are dried naturally in the sun, resulting in a full-bodied and concentrated flavour with a low level of acidity.

The coffee beans from Sumatra are known for their sweet and smooth taste, which is intense but balanced at the same time. The beans capture the wild essence of the tropical Indonesian Island's volcanic soil, giving it a particular regional flavour. Sumatran coffee beans are considered one of the best Indonesian coffee beans by coffee lovers.

Sumatran Gayo coffee is grown at the northern tip of the Sumatran Island and has an exotic earthy aroma. The Sumatra Gayo coffee beans from Nusa Coffee Company are an absolute must.

With the French Press brewing method, you can extract the authentic taste of Sumatra coffee beans. The coffee brewed with these beans has a full body texture good enough to mix with additives like sugar or full-fat milk.

3. Robusta Coffee Beans

Robusta coffee beans are the second most popular beans in the world. Indonesia is one of the largest producers of Robusta coffee beans. 80% of Indonesia's coffee exports consist of these beans.

Robusta coffee beans are grown at comparatively lower altitudes, around 1900 feet from sea level. These plants can withstand hot temperatures, diseases, and insects as well.

The island of Sumatra is the largest producer of Indonesian Robusta coffee beans, accounting for almost 75% of the total national production of Robusta beans.

These are one of the best-loved Indonesian coffee beans. They have a slightly earthy and bitter taste. And they carry 2.7 percent caffeine, which leads to a bitter flavour when brewed. Robusta coffee adds a depth of flavour to your brewed coffee.

Most often, Espresso blends or instant coffee is prepared with Robusta beans. It adds the desired crema and flavour to your brewed espresso coffee.

4. Sulawesi Toraja Coffee Beans

Sulawesi Toraja coffee beans are grown wild and hard to find. These beans are cultivated on the island of Sulawesi, which consists of extensive peninsulas and a mountainous region in the centre. They need moderately high altitudes, around 6000 feet above sea level, to grow properly.

Compared to other coffee beans grown in Indonesia, Sulawesi Toraja coffee beans are less common. It's only possible to harvest them once a year, making them a rare, high-demand coffee in the international market. The beans have a unique taste, making them unique and one of the best Indonesian coffee beans. They are processed using the wet hull method, which is popular in the region.

Sulawesi Toraja coffee beans have a natural sweetness and nutty flavour, resulting in a heavy, clean, and full-bodied cup of coffee. The wet processing method gives the beans a clean taste and an unmistakable earthy aroma.

Nusa Coffee's Sulawesi Toraja coffee beans are 100% organic beans grown in the Tana Toraja region of the Sulawesi Island. These beans taste the best when you use the drip coffee method to brew them.

Sulawesi Toraja

5. Bali Coffee Beans

Coffee production has only recently been adopted in Bali compared to other Indonesian islands. These coffee beans are well developed, allowing the beans to mature slowly. The farmers in Bali use natural manures to grow their coffee plants, which makes it one of the best Indonesian coffee beans.

Coffee beans grown in Bali have a single harvest season every year, making them hard to come by. These beans are grown on volcanic soils, which provide a rich source of nutrients to the coffee plants. The trees develop a host of natural flavours and earthy notes, making them one of the best Indonesian coffee beans.

Bali coffee beans are translucent emerald-coloured beans with a rich aroma and a full-bodied, smoky flavour. They are processed using the wet method, resulting in a sweet, soft coffee with noticeable lemon and citrus notes. Bali coffee beans are brewed best with an espresso machine.

Bali is also famous for its Kopi Luwak coffee beans, the most expensive beans on the planet. The most extravagant coffee in the world, cultivated in the volcanic lands of Bali, is made from the excrement of the Palm Civet. Even though it sounds gross, it makes a fantastic cup of coffee. The flavour of the Kopi Luwak coffee is an acquired taste. Still, most people consider it as one of the best Indonesian coffee beans.

6. Flores Bajawa Coffee Beans

Flores Bajawa coffee beans are grown on the Flores Island of Indonesia. The island is full of active and inactive volcanoes. This rough and volcanic terrain makes it perfect to produce premium coffee beans. The ash from the volcanoes makes the soil fertile and rich in nutrients, which contributes to the unique flavour of Flores Bajawa coffee beans.

They are Arabica coffee beans with a distinctive taste compared to other Indonesian Arabica coffee beans. The Bajawa bean has a nutty and sweet aroma, like caramel, making these beans quite tempting and one of the best Indonesian Coffee beans.

The Flores Bajawa coffee beans are full-bodied, which results in a thick-textured coffee. The brewed coffee has notes of spicy and fruity flavour. It is towards the lower acidic side and is much smoother than other beans.

Nusa Coffee's Flores Bajawa coffee beans are 100% organic. They are grown in fertile volcanic soil without the use of any pesticides. This bean is sourced from family-owned farms that put proper care and attention to these organic arabica beans. It is hand-picked by the farmers and is triple sorted, resulting in only premium quality coffee beans.

7. Papua New Guinea Coffee Beans

New Guinea is the second-largest island in the world. The Indonesian half of the island is called Papua. It is famous for coffee beans with a citrus and chocolate flavour.

Coffee in Papua is usually grown by small farmers who have a few hectares of land. Due to this, the Papua New Guinea coffee beans are grown organically with the help of natural manures. No pesticides or fertilizers are used, making them pure coffee beans.

Papua New Guinea coffee beans are Arabian beans grown almost 4000 feet above sea level. These are one of the best Indonesian coffee beans you could find. This island is in a remote area and is inaccessible by road. The coffee-producing farmers are untouched by the modern world and grow their beans using a traditional method passed down through generations.

The coffee beans grown in Papua have a tropical flavour to them. The coffee brewed is much smoother and sweeter than other beans. And it has a medium consistency and a balanced acidic taste.

How to Find the Best Indonesian Coffee Beans

Your choice of the best Indonesian coffee beans entirely depends upon the flavours you prefer and your favourite coffee brewing method. If you like a smooth, clean, and sweet-tasting coffee, you should choose Arabica, Sumatran, or Flores Bajawa coffee beans. Their fruity and less acidic flavour will be perfect for enjoying your morning cup of coffee.

If you prefer a strong, bold, and slightly bitter-tasting coffee, you should try Robusta, Bali, or Papua New Guinea coffee beans. They have much higher caffeine content and will give you that much-needed boost to kickstart a tiresome day.


Indonesia is one of the largest coffee-producing countries in the world. The volcanic soil and the altitude of the islands are perfect for growing different types of coffee. Coffee beans are produced in this country by small farmers, who are carrying on their family tradition. It helps preserve the coffee beans from modern techniques, thus keeping them organic and pure.

Indonesian coffee beans generally add a sweet, slightly acidic, and smooth flavour to your coffee. We have discussed some of our favourite and best Indonesian coffee beans and how they are grown. Nusa Coffee Company are premium exporters of the best Indonesian coffee beans. We promise to deliver 100% organic beans directly from the farm to your cup.

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